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Chalfont & Latimer
Yiota was feeling in a spontaneous mood tonight (which is often good to see providing you are wearing the appropriate safety gear) so she decided that instead of just meeting for dinner we should drag our arses out to Chalfont and Latimer station - something we have been putting off for ages because its so bloody far away..

Here is what I knew about Chalfont and Latimer before our trip tonight:

1. Chalfont & Latimer is in the county of Buckinghamshire. This is still on the tube map but its miles from London.
2. Chalfont is cockney rhyming slang for piles. (Because of Chalfont St Giles).
3. This is one of the most rural stations on the tube map. This may be idyllic on a Summers day out but on a cold February night all advantages would be lost.

Here is what I know since our trip to Chalfont and Latimer.

1. Buckinghamshire isnt quite cockney rhyming slang for 'the middle of nowhere' but if there was any justice it would be.
2. After dark there is even less to do in this place than there is in the daytime - which isnt much.
3. A pub/restaurant in Chalfont and Latimer may close its kitchen completely for a 'deep clean' on a quiet day.
4. Most Londoners would rather actually have piles than live in Chalfont and Latimer.

So we had the fun. Dinner was had in a pub in Bushey on our way home due to the deep cleaning of a kitchen and limited other choices (though we did have a drink before we left). Our random activity was restricted to checking out the local property prices in an estate agents window due to limited other choices. Frankly going to Buckinghamshire should be random enough for any London challenge.

Photos are here:


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