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Belsize Park
It was pretty late in the day yesterday when Yiota declared her interest in doing another station in our project. Actually it wasnt that late (around 6pm) but Yiota had been in work and I'd had quite a busy day off. Luckily our selected target - Belsize Park - is quite close to where Yiota lives and we wanted to find somewhere outside of central London to go for a meal so it fitted the bill quite nicely.
 Belsize Park is in a quite leafy and expensive part of North London, bordering Hampstead and the nicer, more genteel parts of Camden. I had been past the station a few times on buses over the years but had never stopped to explore the area. Its an expensive suburb in which to live but the main street has a few shops and restaurants. I very quickly spotted a shop that was still open called 'Good For You' and we decided to make that our random activity. (otherwise we would have struggled to find anything). Before entering the shop I suggested we buy an item of kitchenware for each others kitchens and surprisingly, Yiota agreed! The problem was that the shop was actually a bit weird. It wasnt so rubbish that you could find objects bad enough to be funny, but it wasnt good enough to find anything that was genuinely nice and useful. Yiota managed to quickly locate the one item in the shop that was actually quite stylish (a nice set of small bowls) but I could find nothing else. In the end we had to agree that I would also buy a set and we could swap them over.
 Following a brief congratulatory 'Good For You!' we headed off for a dinner at the Gourmet Burger Company (which had a branch nearby) and followed this with dessert in a branch of Giraffe cafe (also nearby). I would challenge anyone else to have more fun than that in Belsize Park with their clothes on. Photos are here:


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