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Fulham Broadway
Fulham Broadway is probably the station we have treated with the least respect in our challenge so far. When we visited yesterday it wasnt in the spirit of exploration (or even weirdness) but rather a way of moving the project forward while we were on our way back from somewhere else. As it happens Fulham Broadway is deeply unexciting. The station is bright and airy with long, wide and well it platforms because it is designed to serve tens of thousands of football fans who travel to and from Chelsea FC's nearby stadium. The street level exit from the station is via a dreary indoor shopping centre/leisure complex and there isnt much of interest nearby.
 We performed a quick hit and run visit on Stamford Bridge (the nearby stadium) to tick the box of our 'random activity' and then quickly set of in search of much needed food and bathroom breaks. We hastily settled on a Vietnamese restaurant called  Me Me - I liked the name and am quite keen on Vietnamese cuisine but we rushed our decision for the sake of convenience (pardon the pun).
The food was bland but okay but as a vegetarian Yiota struggled much more than I did but the drinks were good and because we were able to laugh about it the experience was still enjoyable.Luckily the earlier trip to Kew Gardens (Yiota's first time) was pretty special so as a combined day out it was still pretty groovy.

Photos are here:


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