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Turnpike Lane
Turnpike Lane will probably end up being one of the more memorable of the stations in our challenge but not necessarily for the best of reasons. Yiota and I had already finished work and dropped by the V&A on the way to an exhibition at the Natural History Museum before we decided to tackle another station in our challenge.
 Turnpike Lane was the next station of choice, largely because it was on a tubeline easily accessable from the station near the museum.Yiota was keen because travelling to the station would put us near a Greek bakery that she had visited some years before and fondly remembered. Sadly. Turnpike Lane did not yield us the desired bakery and neither did visits to nearby tube stops of Arnos Grove, Southgate, or Bounds Green..Wood Green was the last stop we were prepared to explore in the hunt for the elusive bakery.. Unfortunately while we were looking about in Wood Green my ankle turned on an uneven bit of pavement and I fell and sprained my wrist, which cut the activity shorter than we hoped.
 We stopped for dinner before we began our journeys home and I suggested that we try nearby Finsbury Park as a likely spot. .As it turns out we found a nice Turkish place there.pretty quickly. We also passed three different bakeries which sold Greek style eats (but not the one Yiota was looking for, it turns out that was in Southgate after all).
 So I didnt learn much about Turnpike Lane apart from that it is Located in a busy if slightly run down shoping area. The brief glimpse at the other stations in the region gave me a bit of a feel for the wider area and even if it is unorthodox, this trip must surely qualify as random.

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