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Warren Street
Warren Street was probably the most improvised of all of the stations we have visited so far. Yiota and I were having a day out in town and were busily doing other things. We found ourselves in central London with some time to kill in between other activities (wine tasting in the afternoon, comedy gig in the evening) and so decided to hit Warren Street out of sheer convenience.
Our first mission was food so we made a bee-line for a Greek Restaurant on Charlotte Street called 'Andreas'. After a very lovely meal we headed back towards the station, bought some cheap second hand dvds and finished by stuffing ourselves with coffee and pudding. Somewhere in there (along with the wine tasting, browsing borough market and the comedy gig) is our random activity. (Even though most of the day was planned taken as a whole its all pretty random).
Warren street staion itself is fairly unremarkable. Its central enough to be near useful and interesting things but is surrounded by other staions (Euston, Goodge Stree, Russell Square ec) that are just as useful and are often even closer to the good stuff. Im sure it has its fans though.

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