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The penultimate day of the Random London Challenge saw Yiota and I dragging our butts around various sections of the Docklands Light Railway in East London for three of our last four stations.

West Silvertown was our first stop of the day and while it wasnt the ugliest place we have visited it was possibly the most anti-climactic. A new residential district borders on a decaying industrial district with few obvious facilities or points of interest. The fact that a slightly arty bike shed in the station was the highlight of our visist says it all. We promptly decided on a quick exit and moved onto the next location.

  West India Quay is home to the Docklands Museum so finding the fun activity here wasnt that hard. (we bought some crap from the museum shop, having both visted the museum on earlier occassions). An Italian restaurant on the quayside provided a more than pleasant lunch. We rounded this off with a leisurely stroll to begin our journay to the third and final target of the day.

Deptford Bridge has more to do than West Silvertown but very little of it has any appeal. There are some run down shops, run down cafes and a run down market. There is a converted tube carriage which may once have seen action as a cafe but was closed when we visited. We struggled to find any fun but just before we made our final exit I dragged Yiota into a run down pub for a quick half of cider (classy!). On any other day this would have all felt like a bit of a failure as far as the challenge goes apart from three things
1) Even the rubbish bits are still kind of fun.
2) Completing these visits have moved us within one single station of our target of 26.
3)Where we finished in Deptford is only a few minutes away from Greenwich - a favourite place of both myself and Yiota where we pleasantly whiled away the rest of the day by the river. Random and successful and very nearly finished.

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