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Wimbledon Park & Wimbledon
So to fill in time on a pleasantly sunny Sunday afternoon Yiota and I decided to head to Wimbledon where we had randomly generated two neighbouring stations. Wimbledon Park was first up as it gave us the chance to visit London's first Thai temple as our random activity.
 The Temple was suitably blingy and the people there seemed quite open to strangers wandering about (regardless of whether they spoke English or not). The grounds were also very lovely - but this might have been caused by the light headedness of being somewhere nice and relaxing in the sunshine rather than being at work.We didnt bother trying to find anything to eat or drink locally as only a local newsagent was open and we were only taking a short jaunt down the road to central Wimbledon where we planned to stop for dinner, rather than just drinks (this is still local to Wimbledon Park).
 Wimbledon station is bigger and more useful than Wimbledon Park but is also much less pretty. The town centre is as bland and uninviting as any in suburban London. We turned finding a nice place to eat into a literally random activity by taking it turns to navigate at each possible junction. This was fun for about the first minute but it quickly became obvious that we werent going to find decent food this way. We gave up that random activity and eventually settled on a decent looking pub called the Fire Stables. Yiota had what she claims is her first ever English Roast Dinner (or at least a vegetarian version). She also claims it will be her last as it wasnt that brilliant. Time will tell, I may cook her a nice some point in the future and she seemed to finally acquire the taste for Yorkshire Pudding.
 The Photos are here:


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