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Four Stations In One Day
With the self imposed one-year deadline approaching, Yiota and I decided to make the most of our Sunday off and crack on with some of the staions in our Random London project. We deliberately hit some of the most remote staions today to hopefully encourage us to mop up the rest (our target is 26) in the next few weeks.

West Acton was the first station we hit this morning and my personal favourite of the day. (It was all down hill after that). West Action is a small station servicing a quiet leafy suburb in West London. We emerged from the station to fins tree lined streets and semi-detatched houses, a small row of shops and very little else. The little row of shops turned out to be quite a significant find as they included a Japanese Deli (sushi rolled while you wait) a Japanese grocers and a Japanese Estate Aents. Who would have thought that Japan's answer to chinatown would be in a secret location in a discreet West London suburb?! Our random activity here was buying some Japanese vegetables for our Swiss friend Claudia which we quickly accomplished after our coffee.

We quickly shuffled our way ontp the Ruislip branch of the central line to hit our second station of the day, Hangar Lane. This is probably my least favourite station in this whole challenge. There is very little in Hangar Lane apart from a giant roundabout and lots of traffic. Our challenge was to find something beautiful in Hangar Lane and we spotted some wild flowers growing alongside the busy road. There didnt seem to be anywhere to get a drink apart from the crappy kiosk shop in the station itself so with the taste of nearby West Acton coffee still in our mouths we declared mission accomplished and moved onto the next station.

Morden is the very last station at the bottom end of the Northern line so was quite a trek to reach from West London. Our friend Claudia met us there (she didnt know about the Japanese vegetables yet, they were a surprise). This is the first time we have be joined by any of our friends on this project apart from our colleague Lee who joined in randomly on the night we did Vauxhall. We stopped in Tooting on the way for some good cheap Indian food for lunch and then pressed on to Morden. The little bit of Morden that I saw seemed to be bus station and some rubbish shops and fast food joints. We found a nice cafe to have a drink in and chose a run down amusement parlour, or 'Cashino' as it had branded itself and chose this as our random activity. Between the three of us we sank a grand total of 80p into their uninspiring games machines before we felt fully satisfied and left.
Morden station itself does deserve a special mention as it is the only station I have ever seen that boasts a free 'book exhange' for travellers to take of leave books (to be read on the various commutes). This is fantastic idea!

Tottenham Hale was our last destination of the day and Claudia had left us by this point. It is a station that Yiota and I had been putting off visiting for a long time because neither of us had been that enthusiastic about the destination. It turns out that we were right! The station seems to exist primarily as a North London stop for the Stanstead Express. There is also a large clone retail park which was as ugly as it was closed (it was Sunday evening at this point). We spent a short amount of time in a drive through Burger King outlet - as much to use the toilets as for any hope of refreshments. We had a very forgettable ice-cream each (which qualified us as customers for using the toilet facilities and that was about it. I set the random challenge low with this one - our task was to spend some time in the retail park and see if we could still emerge with our souls intact. That might not sound like much of an activity but it was tougher than it sounds - but emerge we did and we live to fight on another day.

Photos are here:


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