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South Harrow - The End Of The Line.
So today Yiota and I met to finish the project we started a year ago. Our aim was to explore London using a random method of generating our destinations. We randomly selected 26 stations (a number chosen to allow an average of one per fortnight) - in theory a realistic goal but with work/study/other commitments it was still a bit of a stretch at times.
 The 26th and final station was South Harrow, which we left until last as it is one of my local stations and it felt right to end it that way. To be honest it was a bit of an anti-climax as there is very little to do or see in South Harrow and its a station I use fairly regularly so I already know it well. Given the limited choices available we combined our 'random activity' with our refreshments and picked up some food we couldn't quite identify from an Indian deli and took it back to my place to eat. Like I said, its a bit of an anti-climax compared to some of the places we have been but I think we both appreciated the nice gentle finish almost as much as we appreciate that the random challenge is now concluded.
 Yiota deserves full credit for the idea and for providing the drive (sometimes literally) to make it happen. Thank you Yiota for your friendship and your weirdness. Its been quite a year and it has been my pleasure to share it (and this challenge) with you.

All the photos from the project are now here:

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Challenge complete!!!

This is Yiota speaking! We just about completed the challenge, just over the target "one year" mark. It hasn't been easy because of mainly my other commitments and the fact that I can be annoyingly unwilling to plan my fun!

It has been fun, it has taken us out of our comfort zone, in places that we wouldn't have normally gone to had we not set a challenge. In that sense it was a great experience as it allowed us to explore London, not just the pretty parts, but also the parts where you will find Japanese people hand-rolling sushi, men dressed in green polyester suits in 30 degrees Celcius handing over leaflets and run down pubs with jukeboxes. It gave us a chance to visit an amazing Thai temple, but also caSHinos... It was sometimes a bit of a challenge to find something to do or something nice even in an area, but that's where the artistic bicycle parking racks would come in... Or a historic building in the UGLIEST station in London...

It has been random because we selected it randomly with a system that included Vince's numbered lists of stations (still not quite sure how it works-we are talking NUMBERS of pages here!) and me rolling three types of dice (yes there are more that one type of dice in the world!). Being a bit more organised than me, Vince managed to keep a record of what we did, which is nice because we can always look back.

I will remember this challenge every time I find myself in an area where I've been to previously as part of this challenge. For example, every time I find myself in North London, I will remember the day I dragged Vince to Turnpike Lane, and then to Wood Green, and then to Southgate and then to Finsbury Park in search of a bloody greek bakery that we never found on that day. And I will remember that he came and did not complain once... I will also remember that during our second last day out for the challenge, he dragged me to a run down pub in Deptford called "the Harp"... and I complained... several times, but went anyway... IF (and I will try my best not to) I ever pass by Deptford again, I will remember it and smile.

Vince's commitment to this project helped us finally complete it, despite all the time restrictions and our respective other commitments, and for that I am proud. But I am mostly proud because we made it through the challenges that we, personally and in combination, faced... It hasn't always been easy (especially the last few months that have been particularly difficult for both of us individually), and we sometimes had to drag ourselves to meet for the next station, but we did, knowing that no matter how difficult things are, at least we have our friendship. For that, I thank you Vince!

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